Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak Photo Essay: Mayu Kanamori on Japanese Collective Amnesia By Nikki Lam
Photo Essay: Mayu Kanamori on Japanese Collective Amnesia Yasukichi Murakami arrived in Cossack in WA from a fishing village in Wakayama, Japan in 1897 at the age of 17. He worked as a photographer, inventor and entrepreneur in Broome and Darwin until the war broke out. He was interned as an enemy alien, and died whilst in internment in 1944.  He was survived by his Australian born wife Theresa Shigeno Murakami (nee Murata) and his nine Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak, Featured Performing Gestures: An Interview with Leyla Stevens By Nikki Lam
Leyla Stevens, Take Care Dear (2013), found photographs, cardan grille. Leyla Stevens is a Sydney-based visual artists who works predominantly with photography, video and text-based media. Often draws upon her Indonesian-Australian heritage, Leyla’s practice explores the relationships between ritual, gestures and belonging. Her work focuses on the codified communication of gestures and their translations through different cultural subjects. In 2011 she received a Master of Fine Art at Sydney College of the Arts and has been exhibiting Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak Children of the Pilbara By Zainab Zahra Syed
I There is a certainty engraved in the sky       that a set of footprints      on an island    can only be washed away at nighttime. II Protectors of dawn, they are nighttime angels circling round    and round     and round whispering, ludic smiles into our ears trickling down into blood soil, they are red sand mountains carving lines in our toes darkened sweat,       our skins are shields not sites for target practice, so this be the nature of gravity III they are granite fossils sitting, day    by day    by day statues of unspoken stillness, they Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak Indonesia, September 1999 By Rory Harris
please, scrape out the blood from beneath your fingernails fill the basin with water take hold of the soap & wash, remember when you did this & traced patterns over the limbs of your children & held them relaxed in the soapy calmness of it all remember the glow & the sounds an almost joy to be floating once again take a towel or rag or any clean cloth & dry your hands now examine them are they clean enough to go to the table to eat & talk of the day if there is no talk if there is only the Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak Novice Monk By Tony Page
Up at 5 am to chant, that’s the worst part. Haven’t got a clue what those Pali hymns mean, makes Buddha pleased though. I’ve seen the big statue smile when I pronounce the words right. Begging barefoot for food’s a bit of a pain, You got to watch out for glass. There’s only old ladies who wait in the streets to give us rice. Not much left for me, because I’m the youngest and last in line. Sometimes there’s tourists taking photos who think Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak, Featured Nila and Mrs Hettiarchie By Su Dharmapala
This extract comes from Su Dharmapala’s novel Saree, a story of beauty, oppression and freedom that spans thirty years in Sri Lanka, India and Australia. Published in 2014 by Simon & Schuster. Purchase paperback or ebook online here. The Grand Old Hotel in Bandarawela was abuzz. Everybody and everything was quivering with excitement. Even the flying cockroaches knew better than to show their ugly faces that evening, hiding away in nook and crevice to return to exasperate the cleaning staff Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak My Mother is Dead By Matt Hetherington
i’d had the first call late in the morning. my brother, the younger one who i hardly talk to, telling me ‘you should get up here, matt. she’s really not good.’ i knew what it was when the second call came. i’d felt her go, ten minutes before as i began the evening curry – a small tug away from my chest, like the last step of a long, formal dance. the voice inside, the one that gives me lines, said ‘stirring the onions, my mother is dead.’ Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak A Survivor and a Fighter By Eugenia Flynn
Author Eugenia Flynn When my mother passed away, the sisters asked me to give the eulogy. Fresh with grief, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Writing it, crying over it, well that was easy. Reading it was even easier. On the altar of St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Darwin, to a small crowd, I blocked out all of my emotions and read it. I paced myself, but inside I knew I read faster than Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 19 – Elderspeak Yoh (요) By Jina Hong
  My paternal grandfather succumbed to dementia at the age of eighty. We hadn’t treated him any differently until one evening - he ran out in the rain, and turned up at a police station somewhere in Sydney’s Inner-West, shivering and still in a state of forgetfulness. And then the Elderspeak began. I continue to converse with my haraboji in a playful mix of jondaemal and banmal - a common form of everyday speech among Koreans. But it was in seeing painful interactions between my father Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured Owen Leong solo exhibition til Dec 20 By Eleanor Jackson
Mudra, Owen Leong Over next few weeks, we will be releasing work from Edition 19 – Elderspeak and, as always, we are interested in your feedback and interaction with that work. But perhaps you are the kind of person who likes to interact “in real life” rather than on the internet. And you might even be based in Sydney right now, in which case you might like to check out one the exhibition of Peril’s (broadly Read More »