Posted in Blog, Featured, Politics Modi in Oz: Turning Water into Mines (Part three) By Roanna Gonsalves
The ligature between the longed-for land of birth (India) and the fruitful land of work (Australia) can sometimes be guilt, for having abandoned the grit and grind of the India we left behind. Modi soothed our consciences with the miraculous balm of validation. Read More »
Posted in Blog, Politics Modi in Oz: Rockstar and Hindutva (Part two) By Roanna Gonsalves
The reality is that while all Indian Australians are equal, some are more equal than others. Read More »
Posted in Blog, Politics Modi in Oz: Diaspora, Tweets and a PM of Science? (Part one) By Roanna Gonsalves
It is into this environment of ancient amnesia, anxieties of fitting in, and coming to terms with our increasing public visibility, that Indian Australians welcome the Indian Prime Minister to Australia for the first time in 28 years. The leader of our homeland coming to our adopted country is meant to fill us with love, and hope and postcolonial pride. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Culture, Reviews Kiwi Web Series Not Your ‘Asian’ Comedy By Ellen Wu
Inspired by the likes of Girls and High Maintenance, New Zealand-based series Flat3 follows the life of three Asian-kiwi women in their early 20s struggling with “who they are, what they’re doing in this life, and whose turn it is to buy toilet paper”. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Politics, Reviews Sami Shah on I, Migrant By Kyla Woods
In his book, I, Migrant, Sami Shah uses satire and black humour to describe strikingly violent and tumultuous events. However, it is through this same humour that the reader captures a glimpse of a completely contradictory feeling, that of hope. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog West Writers Our Stories Forum By Eleanor Jackson
  Don’t forget the upcoming West Writers Our Stories Forum, which examines what story means to different communities and how we represent the diversity of stories and voices in Australia’s literary scene. Head down to Footscray Community Arts Centre this Saturday 15 November from 10am – 9.30pm. The program includes a writers workshop with critically acclaimed author Christos Tsiolkas; a panel on ethnic media curated by media advisor and past editor of English version of Neos Kosmos Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Reviews Deluge hits Seoul By Ellie Freeman
Motherboard Productions latest interpretive dance show Deluge centers on the connections and destructive nature of rivers and bodies of water in Brisbane and Seoul. Read More »
Posted in Blog, Featured, Politics The role of diverse parliaments in strengthening Australian democracy By Jen Tsen Kwok
As unpopular as it may be to admit, 2014 has reinforced that racial thinking is alive and well in the Australian polity. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Culture In a dim light… with Pia Johnson. By Nikki Lam
Peril Magazine’s Visual Arts Editor Nikki Lam sits down with Melbourne based photographer and visual artist Pia Johnson Read More »
Posted in Blog, Culture, Featured, Food Eating Multiculturalism By Cher Tan
Cher Tan takes a look at the way food and multiculturalism are understood and how to move cultural conversations beyond ‘exotic’ dinning. Read More »