Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured, Headline Queensland Poetry Festival By Eleanor Jackson
The Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF) launches tomorrow, Friday 29 August, in Brisbane. One of Australia’s premier poetry and literary festivals, the three-day event showcases some of Australia’s finest poets and writers under the banner of spoken in one strange word. In addition to the three-day event, the QPF administers and manages a year-long program of poetry workshops, programs, events, and competitions. Peril readers may remember QPF Director, Sarah Gory, who kindly answered our festival series Q&A Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured Hoa Pham: The Other Shore By Lian Low
Peril’s founding editor, Hoa Pham was recently one of four winners of Seizure’s Viva La Novella 2 competition.  Her novella The Other Shore was launched at Readings in early July by writer, historian, teacher and translator Maria Tumarkin.  Last year Maria was Hoa’s mentor in Writers Victoria’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) mentorship program. Below are the speeches from the launch including a short excerpt of The Other Shore. From Maria Tumarkin: [This is a rough and raw text Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog The Unstoppable Kim Ho By Verity Johnson
At only 18, Kim Ho is an actor and a writer who has already won praise from world famous celebrities. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Culture, Featured Immigration Museum Explores Identity and Belonging By Ellen Wu
The Immigration Museum’s permanent exhibition Identity: yours, mine, ours signals a shift away from their usual focus on migration to exploring issues of identity for those in Australia. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured A Peril eye on Lisa “diversity” Dempster’s Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 program By Lian Low
The Melbourne Writers Festival opens this Thursday August 21st, with an opening night address by Australian literary icon Helen Garner. A very timely and poignant festival highlight considering Australia’s recent debates on the proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Culture, Featured Classical Indian Arts in a New Australian Generation By Malini Ramesh
A Classical Indian arts collaboration work between Govind Pillai and teacher Smt. Shanti Ramakrishnan was recently performed in Melbourne, with the significance of the guru-shishya parampara (teacher-student lineage) unfolding before the sell-out crowd. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured Editorial team announcements By Eleanor Jackson
Peril Magazine is delighted to welcome two new members to its editorial team – Jarni Blakkarly and Lia Incognita. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Culture, Featured Translating Asian Voices in Australia By Julien Leyre
As Asia rises on the world stage, integrating the European and Asian tradition in a joint ‘Republic of Letters’ may be one the most exciting challenges ahead of us. Read More »
Posted in Blog, Politics Why 18C Changes Failed to Sell By Jarni Blakkarly
The ‘freedom of speech’ debate gathered little resonance among the broader white community. If 18C stopped everyday racial abuse, the story would have been different… Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Reviews A Peril Magazine Guide to the Melbourne International Film Festival By Jarni Blakkarly
Not sure where to begin with the Melbourne International Film Festival program? Peril Magazine complies a list of some of the many Asian films at the festival. Read More »