Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured Chinese Whispers: an artistic response to the context in which I live By Rani Pramesti
I am creating a new performance piece, Chinese Whispers, involving Chinese-Indonesian women of Melbourne and their stories. After months of attending bible study sessions and Sunday mass, where most Chinese-Indonesians meet and socialize, I finally ran two workshops in September-October 2013 with six Chinese-Indonesian women. In the workshops, we asked ourselves the question: “If we could make a show about anything, what would we make it about?” The connecting thread between the myriad of answers was Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured Accents Apart By Nikki Lam
Meet Nikki Lam, Peril’s visual arts editor. She explores her identity crisis through art and words. Antony Gormley’s Another Place — Public sculptures in Liverpool, UK. [ Photo from ]  I recently came back from Northern England. It was Liverpool, to be exact. The regional accent in Liverpool, ‘Scouse’, is considered one of the most distinctive English accents. I have always been fascinated by the many accents in the English language — how it separates cultural and Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Culture, Featured Comedy and race, Ronny Chieng talks to Peril Magazine By Jarni Blakkarly
Comedian Ronny Chieng “The Chinese race has taken a beating in the last couple of millennia. We used to be on top, kicking ass, pioneering human innovation. We didn’t steal intellectual property from anybody. “Once upon a time we invented stuff, real stuff, like we invented paper. Are you familiar with that product? Maybe you’ve seen it around a couple of times? Maybe you’ve read about it, on itself? We did that and we nailed it too, Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured, Uncategorised Peril Visual Arts news: Farewell, Owen Leong! Welcome Nikki Lam By Lian Low
At Peril, we’re sad to announce that after six years as Peril‘s Visual Arts Editor, Owen Leong has decided to step down from his position. Through Owen’s wonderful curation, Peril has benefited and grown from his input, not only are we an online literary magazine, we also present a dynamic visual arts archive with work from a range of Asian Australian artists including artists based overseas. As Visual Arts editor, Owen was instrumental in how we realised Read More »
Posted in Activism, Blog, Featured, Politics, Uncategorised Still waiting in West Papua By Jarni Blakkarly
Free West Papua protesters gather at the Victorian State Library, photo Jarni Blakkarly It’s a cold autumn afternoon in Melbourne after a week of soaring heat.  It’s been raining all day but it lets up as a small group of West Papuan’s begin setting the banners and signs outside the Victorian State Library. A large metal cage is put together and the activists who knew about the event beforehand start arriving. Sixta Mambor is a small woman Read More »
Posted in Activism, Arts, Blog, Culture Mary Meets Mohammad still making waves By Jarni Blakkarly
  Mary Meets Mohammad, Photo by Kristy Dowsing Almost eleven months after initial release Mary Meets Mohammad has had a run at the box office, won a cluster of awards and is still going strong in community screening across the country. On Tuesday night, over one hundred and seventy people piled in to the Union House Theatre at Melbourne University to see the documentary which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between an Afghan man living in Read More »
Posted in Blog, Culture, Politics I am not the owner of this feeling By G
 by ‘G’ Tamil refugee in Australian detention since 2009 (translated from Tamil) I would like to share my feelings with you. I am not the owner of this feeling. You are the real owners and that’s the feeling I want to share with you. I really do not know what the world looks like; in the past four years I have been here, the streets, towns and cities and particularly the people of Australia. I have now learnt Read More »
Posted in Blog, Politics Reflective thoughts from a Sri Lankan refugee… now a prisoner…but free! By G
I have completed 4 years and starting the 5th year since I came between these bars. I desire to recall all of my feelings and my own land which is fresh in my memory like my shadow. I owe to Kristalo Hrysicos, whom I consider as my sister, for all these feelings. She is burdened with all my pains and fully understands my feelings by living in me.  My nation is a place of warfare. Read More »
Posted in Arts, Blog, Featured, Politics, Uncategorised I see the moon and the moon sees me By G
Illustration by Tri Setyani Today is 6 August 2013 10.26 pm. I am in a detention camp. I feel like shouting a loud. My head feels burdened. I feel like smashing my head to break it open. I am desperate, no appetite, chest pain, regret and bad thoughts. These feelings make me consider suicide as I have considered it in the past. I am not able to cry aloud because many people are there in the Read More »
Posted in Activism, Blog, Headline, Politics The practice of hope By Margaret Mayhew
I have submitted a piece of writing done by a friend I have met, visiting the Melbourne detention centre this year. He is a couple of years younger than me, and was a journalist in Sri Lanka before he fled for his life and arrived here by boat in 2009. It encapsulates a lot of the coal face of the new ‘Peril’ hysteria; where refugees who have been incarcerated by xenophobic government policies, meet Australian visitors Read More »