An interview with Tarfia Faizullah By Arts, Blog, Culture


Politics editor RD Wood caught up with Tarfia Faizullah recently to discuss her poetry. Here is their conversation. Could you speak a little bit about your early life – who were your poetic influences and how did you become a poet? What were the works that led you to this place? You know, there are Read More »

The Motion of Light in Water By Arts, Blog, Featured, Reviews


It would be the worst kind of lie to pretend that I could be neutral about The Motion of Light in Water, which is currently showing as apart of La Boite’s Indie Program in Brisbane until 21 November.  This is not a work that fosters neutrality. Energetic, thought-provoking and deliciously licked in camp, this is Read More »

A Love Letter to James Nguyen By Arts, Blog, Culture, Uncategorised


Dear James, As I write an image of you is lodged in my mind: Above the cacophony & transaction of the opening night of the behemoth Sydney Contemporary, five figures arduously make their way towards each other, walking atop plastic chairs, one leapfrogged step at a time. Each retells of a woman’s repeated failures to Read More »

A Natural Education By Blog, Politics


In thinking about Australia now there is a residue of wilderness, of frontier in the imagination. Nature seems central to myths of national character even as those myths circulate in other settler societies too. Afterall, Ned Kelly is not so far away from Billy the Kid, the Kimberley not so different from the Drakensberg.

Chindian Diaries By AADC, Uncategorised

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  “I am so grateful for this project, and I love seeing the photos and reading people’s stories! My husband is from Hong Kong and I am from Chennai. We have been married for 5 years and we have two little Chindians of our own. I’m so happy to have this project – to show Read More »