Posted in Blog, Featured, Festivals Emerging Writers Festival – Lou Heinrich By Eleanor Jackson
Following on from Omar Sakr’s passionate call for “a nation’s artistic output [...] to be reflective not just of the values that underpin its social structure but also of the broad and diverse array of voices that populate it”, here, fellow Bali Emerging Writers’ Festival x Emerging Writers’ Festival exchange participant, Lou Heindrich, shares her thoughts on what the festival has to offer diverse writers and audiences.   Lou Heinrich, a stone cold bibliophile who writes Read More »
Posted in Blog, Featured, Festivals Emerging Writers Festival – Omar Sakr By Eleanor Jackson
Last year the Emerging Writers Festival (EWF) Director, Sam Twyford-Moore gave an insightful response to the festival’s approach and involvement of diverse writers and audiences. This year, Sam elected to showcase two of the festival’s writers, who will be taking part in EWF between 26 May – 6 June 2015, as a part of the exchange program with the Bali Emerging Writers Festival.   Omar Sakr (Photo via EWF)Omar J. Sakr an Arab Australian poet whose poetry has Read More »
Posted in Blog, Reviews The Boat By Colin Ho
Australian illustrator Matt Huynh was recently commissioned by the SBS to help adapt Nam Le’s acclaimed short story “The Boat” into a digital comic. Produced by Kylie Boltin and a team of “creative bad-arses” including renowned movie sound designer Sam Petty, we are treated to a work that is equal parts visceral and mythic, tracing the journey of a teenaged Vietnamese refugee as she makes a perilous ocean crossing – a timely commemoration making 40 Read More »
Posted in Blog, Headline Peril Magazine – Get INVOLVED! By Eleanor Jackson
  The sign says it all. Without our dedicated team of volunteers, Peril would be nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. So we’re pretty excited to be on the hunt for some great new folk to join our team in a range of roles. For almost ten years now, we have worked with our communities, our contributors and our supporters to share the voices of literally hundreds of incredible writers, poets, artists, thinkers, commentators, critics and community members who are invested in Read More »
Posted in Blog, Headline Team Announcements By Eleanor Jackson
As I sit down to write this, I am surrounded by an extensive library of books on organisational development, corporate best practice and human resource management. It’s hard to explain exactly why I’m in this place, but let’s all just make the leap and go there. Titles like “Redefining Corporate Soul”, “The Seven Cultures of Capitalism”, and “Corporations: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power” operate like neon beacons on the shelves, reminding me that big Read More »
Posted in AADC, Blog, Featured, Politics Lest we forget Vietnam By Hoa Pham
Thich Nhat Hanh at Hue City, Vietnam (2007). Picture sourced from Wikimedia Commons. It has been forty years since the fall of Saigon, a significant anniversary for the Vietnamese communities around the world, and an event that has also provided me much food for thought. But Australians have forgotten the poor human rights record of the Vietnamese government, which continues today. On the eve of ANZAC Centenary commemorations last month, it was reported 46 Vietnamese asylum seekers Read More »
Posted in Blog, Headline, Reviews Comedy Zone Asia By Lucy Van
Each year, the Comedy Festival Roadshow tours to South East Asia and India. This year, the region is returning the favour, bringing comedians back to Australia for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The lineup consists of Jenhan Kuah (Malaysia), Vivke Mahbubani (Hong Kong), Jason Leong (Malaysia), Brian Tan (Malaysia), Rohan Desai (India) and Joanna Sio (Singapore). Read More »
Posted in Blog, Reviews Magic Steven – World of Feelings By Lucy Van
Magic Steven appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for three nights only, here Lucy Vany shares her reflections and experiences of this acclaimed comedian with his unique brand of confused personal thoughts and experiences – the World of Feelings. Read More »
Posted in AADC, Blog Defining “Asian Australian” in the “Asian Century” By Shinen Wong
As an editor for our new Asian Australian Democracy Caucus blog hosted here on Peril Magazine, I am implicitly making claims about the importance of organising politically around being “Asian Australian”, around Asian Australian subjectivity… Read More »
Posted in Current Edition, Edition 20 – Yum Chattier, Headline So where are you from? By Naida Roberts
“I’m from the USA.” This is my usual go-to response when first meeting someone in Australia. Because of my American accent, the question inevitably comes up, or assumptions are made, and I do little to explain myself further… Read More »