Fellow workers! Do you have an opinion on the future of work?
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As the world approaches almost 10billion people by 2050, global pundits predict great demographic changes — increased life expectancy, reduced deaths from communicable diseases, mass increase in urbanisation and a rise of the global middle class — what will this mean for work? And particularly for the work of those frequently marginalised by traditional labour markets – women, the socio-economically disadvantaged, migrant workers and countless others?
So, what does work mean to you? Send us your critical essays on the nature of racialised labour in Australia. Challenge us with prose that dreams big about a living wage. Inspire us with your poetic reproductions of women’s work, men’s work, non-binary werk. Delight us with your film or audio explorations of the work/werk that shakes you.
We’re especially curious about those speculative fiction and genre creators out there who might be a little shy about submitting to non-genre-specific journals – we’re open minded and we value your

Image result for women working
Via Creative Commons Australia

work/werk, so we’d love to share it further if you’ll take a chance on us too.

In conjunction with our joint presentation to the Women of the World Festival with Footscray Community Arts, Some Women’s Work, we invite your submission in all forms (written, audio, video) that engage with the nature of work and its linkages with gender, race, sexuality or other social hierarchies the globe over.

Submissions close April 1, get working!


Please consider our submissions guidelines:

  • We accept submissions of art works, prose, poetry, non-fiction, essays, blog posts with a word limit of 1000 words (where applicable), a relationship to issues of Asian Australian interest, and a connection to the issue theme.
  • We consider previously unpublished, original work, however, simultaneous submissions are acceptable. We ask only that you notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • We welcome submissions in creative and new media interpretations of “literature”, including video, audio and text format, graphic stories, sound or visual art, as long as it can be presented online and has a relationship to story.
  • You don’t have to be Asian-Australian to contribute, but your contribution should be of Asian-Australian interest. Check out our back editions to see what we publish.
  • Our editions are themed and you are welcome to include a short (100 -200 word) artist statement, which may outline the work’s relationship to that theme.

Please note we are currently only able to pay Australian contributors for themed editions due to our current funding arrangements. We look to pay our contributors equally, depending on the number of successful submissions. Our average payment rates are between $50-75.

To stay in touch around submission dates, please connect with us on Facebook or Twitter so that we can let you know of any upcoming writing opportunities. We also welcome suggestions for edition themes or articles because we think you’ve got great ideas.