‘The Sea Will Change, Everything Will Follow’ and ‘Dreamlines’


This is part of a series of ekphrastic poems presented alongside ‘Hyphenated’ at The Substation. Mindy Gill’s poems respond to the work of exhibiting artists Slippage and Andy Butler/

The Sea Will Change, Everything Will Follow


What should last, if not us? In our madness
we forget. Like a god you sit by the sea
as it recedes and the horizon tightens,
a gold wire. Your silence, another one
of your disappearances. How greedy
I have become, how quick to claim you,
as a child who believes that nothing
she loves could ever really die, no sense
of eternal, that kind of innocence. The dumb
pleasure in the ignorance of time, of hunger,
unappeased as the empty head of desire,
as the tongue that divides the sea. But who
am I to long for such things – the pull
of the moon, then darkness. Another
day’s arrival, and only for us.




Of Koons, of Vuitton. Of Gauguin’s
women, the old unwavering gaze.
Of luxury disguised as the unattainable,
reflection of the bowerbird’s eye,
ultramarine. Of myth, of money,
of memory: Billie’s white gowns,
white shoes, her white gardenias
and white junk. Of the people
who use us. Of how steadily things
fail themselves, and how empty
of remorse, of the moment before
regret, our faces unrecognisable
as replicas. Of the man who stands
at the threshold of that life,
who looks in and wants nothing.

Mindy Gill

Author: Mindy Gill

Mindy Gill is a poet and editor. She is Peril Magazine's Editor-in-Chief.

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