After Catullus



Your ecstatic visions, Leela, I suspect
你的欣喜若狂的願景, 里拉, 我猜一猜
are a hodgepodge of too many new age texts
and while this shire seems to specialize
in fostering the misguided, you take the prize.
培養存在的誤區, 你拿了獎。
I know you deem it dangerous and wild
to grant us these auguries of your inner child
and we are meant to be entranced by each epiphany
just please, oh please, don’t call it poetry.

Pete Emptage & Max Ryan

Author: Pete Emptage & Max Ryan

Peter Henry Emptage was born near the Murray River at The Albury Base Hospital. He now lives in Melbourne working as a disability support worker, English teacher and musician. Some of the bands he plays in include: paddock ( where were you at lunch (, sweets ( hello satellites ( hotel echo ( open swimmer ( He is currently chipping away at becoming a constant backyard gardener/real farmer and a translator of poetry into Mandarin, English and Spanish. Max Ryan is from Newcastle, on extended leave in northern NSW, his father’s country. Rainswayed Night won the 2005 Anne Elder Award. A chapbook Before the Sky was joint winner of the 2010 Picaro Poetry Prize. Before we lose each other again, his recording with Melbourne group Where Were You At Lunch, was launched at the 2012 Queensland Poetry Festival.