Apology to who?


Apology to who?

Inspired by popular words and phrases from Kevin Rudd’s speech, “Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples”(2008)


a future
where you
in the history of
a future
where you say

new page
in past and of
the past
where you
a future say

keep sorry

all australians
you say
in the new page
chapter in
page in
and this

our families
you apologise

stolen generations
you reflect

past and
future say

keep sorry

all you say
is sorry

Raelee Lancaster

Author: Raelee Lancaster

Raelee Lancaster is a writer, research assistant and budding arts producer based in Brisbane. In 2018, Raelee's poetry won the Nakata Brophy Prize for Young Indigenous Writers. Her work has featured in Overland, Voiceworks, The Tundish Review, and more. Raelee tweets @raeleelancaster.

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