jade cicada


jade cicada


gold sleep & stop the seas

cover plugged lungs

jade on the tongue


a bracelet a vagrant a thread a bone

cold breath & luminous stone under bronze

a caught & merry lonely day


seal the seas by nose & spray

sea’s air the call of breath it steers

a wind & a way to sail                  go sweetly


go crying with the grey sea sewn

all ghosts await a spume flung sky

a fiery sunset for the sailor

on the tongue a jade cicada



Terri Ann Quan Sing

Author: Terri Ann Quan Sing

Terri Ann Quan Sing writes poems and writes about poems. You can find more of her work online in Peril, Stilts Poetry Journal, Meanjin, Mascara Literary Review, The Lifted Brow, and Scum Mag. She tweets @terriannqs.

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