For Peril’s issue 8, “Why Are People So Unkind”, we go straight to the source of that famous quote from our kaftan king and iconic Australian performer, Kamahl.  Stepping in for Lucy Van (now Peril editorial advisor), Andy Quan, Peril’s guest poetry editor, interviewed Kamahl on topics including the origin of that  trademark quote, his music career, Hey, Hey Its Saturday and racism.  Whilst in Japan for a residency, Owen Leong, Peril’s Visual Arts Editor, interviewed two Japanese artists.  The first interview is with  established and celebrated Tokyo based Pyuupiru, whose most recent work documents the artist’s  experience of sex reassignment surgery and the second is with Haruka Yamada, an emerging artist whose latest work explores female fantasy, cross-dressing and sexuality.  Stepping in for Peril’s founding editor, Hoa Pham (now editorial advisor) Lian Low, Prose Editor, interviewed emerging artists the Ladies of Colour Agency who debut in the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals with some controversy under their belt.

Besides these exciting interviews, Peril also features Alice Pung’s original introduction to the Growing Up Asian in Australia anthology,  which had to be edited down because Alice was advised that it would  have been “too heavy” for book readers at Borders.  Peril also features a new regular columnist, Benjamin Law, whose first article is about US
conservative pundit, Filipino-American Michelle Malkin.  We also feature prose work by Angela Costi, Amrita Dasvarma, Komi Sellathurai, Violet Kieu and Angela Dewan.  In our poetry collection, we have poems by Ken Chau, Ouyang Yu, Maxine Clarke, Deb Adamson, Lily Chan.

Peril will launch issue 8 at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre on December 3rd with performances from LOCA, Maxine Clarke and Angela Costi; presentation by our editorial advisor, Tom Cho and a reading of  Alice Pung’s original introduction to the Growing Up Asian in Australia anthology by Diana Nguyen.  For the invite, please click here.

The theme for our next edition theme will be “Creatures”.  Check our “Submissions” page for more details.

Peril would like to give special thanks to Hoa Pham, Alister Air, Tom Cho, Olivia Khoo, Lucy Van, Tseen Khoo and Alice Pung for their input in this edition.

Author: Lian Low

Lian Low is a writer, editor and spoken word artist. She’s currently at large in Peril‘s outer orbit. Previously editor-in-chief (2010-2014) , prose editor (2009-2014) and on Peril‘s Board until 2016. Find her on http://lianlow.weebly.com/ and Twitter @Lian__Low

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