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Chris Pang, the son of two martial arts instructors, is an Australian actor who played lead character “Lee” in the Australian box office hit “Tomorrow When The War Began” which excelled to be highest grossing Australian film of the 2010 and also went on to break DVD sales records in Australia. Pang’s acting credits also encompass Australian television: the AFI Award winning series “Rush”,  critical acclaimed “Tangle” and “City Homicide”, and a lead, again as the love interest, in feature film “Citizen Jia Li”. He is actively engaged in developing projects and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese as well as an aficionado of martial arts disciplines.
1. Why it is important to have Asian Australian participation on or behind the screen? 
For the population of Asians that exist in Australia there really isn’t a proportional representation in the entertainment industry and there should be! I mean c’mon we’re creative and funny and sexy… Right?
2. What are you working on now/next?
Ah! I’m not allowed to say so you’ll have to wait to find out but I am also getting involved with the development side of films so I can say that next up is exciting times!
3. What’s your impression of the Asian Australian Film Forum and Network? 
Its definitely a place of opportunity for filmmakers to build a strong network of talent and resources. Anyone that is interested in film especially Asian film should make it a priority to attend.
4. Where do you think the AAFFN should head to next?
Somewhere that holds more people!!! I saw something great this year and I hope next year can be bigger and better!


Author: Lian Low

Lian Low is a writer, editor and spoken word artist.She’s currently at large in Peril‘s outer orbit. Previously editor-in-chief (2010-2014) , prose editor (2009-2014) and on Peril‘s Board until 2016.Find her on http://lianlow.weebly.com/ and Twitter @Lian__Low

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  1. Hi Lian / Peril,

    The online format means you are not restricted by space requirements, so lets have longer interviews, please! We hardly ever get to hear what our Asian Australian actors are thinking about, so when we have this opportunity, go for it, there is an audience who wants more in depth conversations.

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