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Added to the long list of career highlights including Music/TV/Documentary producer, Sofie Kim promotes Korea to Australians – with a difference…within the music industry. From the Korean Rock Festivals of Pentaport (introducing artists such as Eskimo Joe, The Grates, End of Fashion) and Busan to Club gigs in Incheon, Sofie’s work of cross cultural promotion of the Australian/Korean Music Industry is a great example of bridging the gap between the two countries through the universal language of music. Sofie has also been working with Neighbours as Live Music Producer for the past 2 years including inviting the first Asia (Korean) Band to perform on the show (which is broadcast to over 60 million viewers per week to more than 62 countries) as well as producing/filming her own tv show, Alone with Everybody, which aired on ABC2 and Ch31 (guests include Billy Bragg, Goyte &  Felix Riebl from The Cat Empire).

Sofie Kim

Why it is important to have Asian Australian participation on or behind the screen?

It is important to have Asian Australian participation on screen for children to have role models to aspire to. It validates who they are and gives them a positive and realistic role model to look up to.

Can you please tell me a little bit about the short film Hope that you screened at AAFF and why you made it?

I have reconnected with Korea since being adopted out…so over the past 7 years I filmed myself going back. It was intended for a feature length documentary but I felt it was too personal so it evolved into a 5 minute short doco set to music, in a way my own little music video. Kind of apt really considering I am so passionate about music and I have chosen this field as my profession too (behind the scenes – live music producer).

What are you working on now/next?

My main area of work is live music producing & licensing and I am heavily involved in Korean music in Australia and vice versa.

What’s your impression of the Asian Australian Film Forum and Network?

Having attended and participated in the first Asian Australian Film Forum I found it such a positive experience and an important Forum to continue.  With the Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese etc Film Festivals going on, the AAFF is unique in that it focuses on the whole of Asia.

Where do you think the AAFFN should head to next?

NATIONAL…touring nationally and New Zealand!

Author: Lian Low

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