Where We Started


Where We Started


We lived through the genocide of our people
And all that goes with it
Have come back stronger
Looking for our bloodlines
Land, love, language
We need to build on these foundations

During the genocide we were left for dead to survive
Without knowledge of our mother, father, brothers, sisters
We were left in white foster homes and institutions
To learn a culture that’s not ours

Not our religion
Not our language
Not our love
Not our custom
Not our Mother and Father

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Theresa Creed

Author: Theresa Creed

Theresa Creed was born on Woorabinda Aboriginal Mission and is an elder of the Pitta Pitta Pitta and Mayi Yupi nations of North West Queensland. She is a performance poet and draws on her long history as a dancer, actor and singer and her ancient culture of ceremony. She is presently writing a book of poetry, which is her first excursion into the written tradition. Theresa’s poetry tells her story and the history of her family, from the undisturbed times to war and invasion, from the Aboriginal mission and reserve system to the land rights movement and life today.