Playlist: Heartstrung / Headstrong


monochrome light /
grey skies /
umbrellas up /
dusty sweaters unearthed

We’re well into Autumn now, and it’s showing externally and internally.

For me at least, the cooling weather always leaves me reflective and introspective – sometimes even despite your best efforts – and kind of mirrors nature’s process. We are all trees, shedding some leaves but soaking up the needed rain and getting ready to rest before blooming come springtime.

This week we’re digging deep into those innermost feels with ‘heartstrung/headstrong’.

Featuring an array of incredible tunes which are heartfelt, candid and moody whenever the heck they wanna be, you’re going to wanna sit back and bliss out to some of these songs and have a boogie to others – the perfect combo! With appearances from Kimchi Princi, Emmy The Great, MAELI, Aquila Young, Clarissa Mei, SALES, Mark Redito, Sarah Bonito and Lovely Head, ‘heartstrung/headstrong’ serves as a reminder that it’s okay to feel all of the things.

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Tanya Ali

Author: Tanya Ali

Tanya Ali is a Sydney-based writer, who makes music and dabbles in doodling. She is the host of Monday Arvos on FBi Radio. Along with music, her interests lie in art, culture, race and politics. She tweets @tanya__ali.

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