Playlist: Pep Talk


The weather fluctuates in that classic Spring indecision. Your hayfever is ramping up. Flipping (or scrolling) your calendar to November feels surreal.

It’s no secret that this time of year is more often than not exhausting, and I have been feeling it more than ever this week. So for our very second You Don’t Sound Asian playlist, we’re featuring songs that are going to get your head back into the game, and give you some ammunition to through the next couple of inevitably stressful weeks.

Without further ado, this is ‘Pep Talk’: dive in and you’ll come out the other side feeling refreshed, inspired, and fired up.

You can also jump back here and have a listen to our debut playlist. In case you missed it, You Don’t Sound Asian is Peril’s new Soundcloud, where we’re casting a spotlight on bad-ass local and international Asian musos that we love. You can read more about You Don’t Sound Asian here, and while you’re at it, follow us on Soundcloud to be first to hear our new playlists and other exciting upcoming treats!

Tanya Ali

Author: Tanya Ali

Tanya Ali is a Sydney-based writer, who makes music and dabbles in doodling. She is the host of Monday Arvos on FBi Radio. Along with music, her interests lie in art, culture, race and politics. She tweets @tanya__ali.

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