Playlist: Pop & Lock


Right now, there is an unprecedented air of credibility surrounding popular music. To me, pop has always been a fantastic and vast genre, but these late 2010s are feeling more and more like the golden age of pop in a sense. With killer artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Cardi B (and arguably even Harry Styles!) pushing boundaries that have always defined pop in one way or another, this feels like a very exciting time to be making shiny, shimmy-shakin’ tunes.

To celebrate this, we present our latest You Don’t Sound Asian playlist, ‘pop & lock.’ In ‘pop & lock,’ we’re not shying away from glossy, produced sounds at all – instead, we’re relishing the broadening of authenticity politics surrounding what makes great music.

Prepare yourself for bangers ahoy from all ’round the globe! You’ll hear from the likes of Yaeji, Jessica Jade, Rich Brian, Joji, Yeek, Rebecca Hatch & Cat Strat, Yuna and Curtismith.

What are you waiting for? Dive in and have a boogie:

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Tanya Ali

Author: Tanya Ali

Tanya Ali is a Sydney-based writer, who makes music and dabbles in doodling. She is the host of Monday Arvos on FBi Radio. Along with music, her interests lie in art, culture, race and politics. She tweets @tanya__ali.

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