Playlist: We’re Queer Here


It’s time for a special mid-week playlist this week on You Don’t Sound Asian. Our third playlist, ‘We’re Queer Here’ – a deliberate namesake of our current Peril edition – sees us broadening our scope to include tracks by a diverse range of queer, trans and gender non-conforming Australian musicians of colour.

Why today? Because, as you’re likely aware, today is the day the result of Australia’s national same-sex marriage plebiscite is announced.

It’s safe to say that anxiety is hanging in the air for most, if not all, queer Australians today. Because of the cruelty and precariousness of this entire messy debacle, it feels a little lose-lose: no matter what, queer Australians like myself are still going to be confronted by the fact that there is some percentage of fellow citizens who believe we are second-class, and do not deserve the same rights as them. It’s just a matter of how many. And if we do win (my fingers and toes are v. tightly crossed), those like our most recent former Prime Minister are going to do their darnedest to make us suffer for it, most dangerously through potential new laws that protect those who engage in various forms of discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people.

We never should have had to go through any of this. We are battered. And for queer and trans people of colour, not only are we already fighting discrimination on multiple levels, but we have been largely excluded from a lot of pro-SSM campaigning. This playlist seeks to, in some small way, address this.

Regardless of today’s impending survey result, ‘We’re Queer Here’ is an avid celebration of Australian QTPoC identity. Our pride in who we are cannot be taken away by all of the bigots in the world, let alone just the ones in our corner of the globe. This playlist goes out to our LGBTQIA+ siblings, and especially to all queer and trans Australians of colour. These 11 tracks represent outstretched arms, and warm smiles – a reminder to breathe deep and give yourself all of the moments you need to collect yourself. Let these tunes envelop you, and if you feel like it, even have a lil boogie to them. I promise they’ll buoy you – they’re so damn good. If you needed any more incentive to listen in full, there’s even a sneaky Ariana Grande shout-out in one of the tracks – go on, you know you want to find it.

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From us at Peril, all of our love, strength and good vibes. x

If you are feeling overwhelmed or distressed by any of the current goings-on, please reach out to one of the following organisations:
QLife Australia: 1800 184 527 or
eHeadspace: 1800 650 890 or
Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800
Lifeline: 13 11 14

Tanya Ali

Author: Tanya Ali

Tanya Ali is a Sydney-based writer, who makes music and dabbles in doodling. She is the host of Monday Arvos on FBi Radio. Along with music, her interests lie in art, culture, race and politics. She tweets @tanya__ali.

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