Flat 3, Cobain Street


When it rains on a Melbourne summer,
I hang the round laundry rack
near the heating above my head
like the low chandelier in the sala
back home, where the word is a room
for living, where it stands on its heels
without leaning in the white spaces
between words I now find myself cussing with.
El demonio de las comparaciones has one brown eye,
and another a pale blue – earth and sky witness sin.





*Sala is Filipino for ‘living room’ and ‘sin’.

*’El demonio de las comparaciones’, the devil of comparisons is from Jose Rizal’s Noli me Tangere

Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon

Author: Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon

Zola is a writer from the Philippines, now living in Melbourne, on a Monash University scholarship working towards a PhD in Communications with a focus on new international identities, Filipino-ness in the artistic diaspora. She writes freelance for The Philippine Times Australia, covering arts and culture events. Her general fascination with the lives of Filipinos in the diaspora become subjects in poetry and prose, some of which have recently appeared in Misfit Magazine, The Literary Yard, Dead Snakes, Zombie Logic Review, and forthcoming Yes, Poetry.

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