History of the Philosophy of Colour


Our latest addition to the Elderspeak edition is this audio work from writer, critic and former Peril Board Member, Lucy Van. On behalf of the past and present team at Peril, we thank Lucy for her incredible contribution to the organisational, editorial and management of this here magazine and invite you to experience her work, History of the Philosophy of Colour.

Author’s note: With apologies to Kurt Vonnegut, Franz Kafka, John Cage and Sean Cubitt for any inconvenience.

Lucy Van

Author: Lucy Van

Lucy Van was born in Perth in the 80s. She learnt to swim in the Indian Ocean and learnt about poetry and music from the friends she grew up with. She nearly began a job in publishing before deciding to move to Melbourne to write her thesis on postcolonial poetry. She eventually finished her PhD after having a child and getting a job at the University. She co-founded the LiPS poetry group with George Mouratidis and has edited for Peril Magazine and Mascara Literary Journal.