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Creative statement

We do not necessarily need to look to high-end fashion to see inspiration from Asia.  There are many opportunities to do that right here in Melbourne.  Showcasing traditional Asian costumes at mainstream Australian events is a great opportunity to start conversations around identity, traditions and cultural values. It encourages people to ask about the significant of the costumes, colours and when they are worn which help communities understand the history of ethicities and cultures

Last year at the AFL Multicultural Festival, One Chai Please put together a spectacular, multicultural and yet contemporary fashion runway show at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This show was curated by Gary Lee, New Australian of the Year 2016 in collaboration with myself, Wesa Chau, Young Victorian of the Year 2010, who was also the designer and stylist for this inaugural showcase at one of Melbourne’s most prominent sporting venues, working with a distinguished fashion photographer based in Melbourne, Wilari Tedjosiswoyo.



Wesa Chau

Author: Wesa Chau

Wesa Chau was the ALP candidate for Higgins in the 2013 Australian federal election. She was founder of the Australian Federation of International Students, subsequently named Young Victorian of the Year 2010 for the advocacy work with international students. She is currently Director of Cultural Intelligence. Apart from politics and business, Wesa is a collector of cultural costumes and started One Chai Please with Gary Lee and Wilari Tedjosiswoyo to explore photographic art and projects featuring traditional & cultural costumes from throughout Asia.

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