Wrong Address


Sender Unknown
Postmark JAN 11 2008 6. PM
The note is perfectly typed on A4, cut to only an inch with a scalpel.
Mr. and Mrs. each have their full stop, but it lacks the Oxford comma.
The address is written by hand, the street name misspelled.
It was delivered to the wrong suburb.

Dear Mrs. Nguyen,
It is my duty to inform you
that your husband
Mr. _____* Nguyen
has lost over $25,000
from continually paying prostitutes
for his sexual pleasures,
and gambling
over the last 3 years.

I felt conflicted.
On the one hand, this man was some sex worker’s bread and butter.
He made it rain.
On the other, perhaps this was some sex worker’s just revenge.
I kept it. A marriage will sort itself out, in the end.

* First name withheld.

Dan Bledwich

Author: Dan Bledwich

Dan Bledwich is a 28-year-old sex worker and writer who resides in Melbourne. Dan dropped out of University of Wollongong’s Creative Writing degree (does it show?), and now divides his time between writing his first novel, poetry, punk, and being an agitator for social change. He blogs at Backwards Backwoods and on Twitter as @singult .