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While we are excited to invite you to our upcoming talk, (Yellow Peril to Asian Century: Asians to Watch Out For, this Sunday at the Immigration Museum – details and info right here), we know you might not be in Melbourne, or you may have a previous engagement.

Do not despair – we still want to talk to you!


Please welcome a new online conversations series called Big Small Talks, featuring here Hiroki Kobayashi on the topic of Diversity Guilt and Tokenism.

Hiroki is currently working as a Program Producer with the Melbourne and Emerging Writers Festival to consider their role in supporting, celebration and fostering diversity and inclusion. We’re hoping to talk with him a few times more about a range of topics around diversity and inclusion, but we also hope there will be other participants in this kind of utterly low-rent digital storytelling (production values pendants be warned) in the coming months.

Now, while Hiroki and I are certainly sharing our personal experiences and opinions about what it means to work in the arts and to #give100f*cks about diversity, we also know that you’ll have a blessed difference/diversity of opinions on the topic.

So please share your thoughts and comments/emails/responses.

Since January, Peril has been consulting with its partners about their approaches to diversity and inclusion – using a draft self-assessment framework based on medical and community development models. Maybe you’re an arts worker yourself, or keen to partner with Peril, or you have other models you’d like us to consider. We’re open to feedback on this tool (discussed in the video) and so we have attached it below!

We’ve received some great feedback already about the format, contact, structure and framing, so please don’t feel you need to hold back, we have lots of changes we’re keen to make, but your input would be vital!

Measuring cultural diversity in partnerships



Author: Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer and community radio broadcaster. Eleanor Jackson is a former Editor in Chief and Poetry Editor of Peril and currently Chair of the Board.

Your thoughts?