Dilruk Jayasinha: Cheat Day(s)

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Poignant and Self-Deprecating, Provocative and Polished

The slick and witty Dilruk Jayasinha is back at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a new, swanky, intellectually-provocative and hilariously-polished show: Cheat Day(s).  With sold out shows across Australia, plentiful television appearances – one of which earned him a Logie award, Dilruk is one of Australia’s favourite and most likeable comedians, with a face and personality equivalent to a hug.

So what is Cheat Day(s) about?

On the surface, it is simply Jayasinha’s journey to lose 35 kilograms and finally achieve a weight range in the double digits. But, as you peel away the surface layers – sharply-written anecdotes and perfectly-timed zingers on his upbringing in Sri Lanka; his obsession and love for food; graphic self-deprecating humour on his sexual encounters that is borderline TMI; his therapy sessions; his decision and subsequent challenges to lose and keep the weight off  – you’ll see that Cheat Day(s) is about so much more than just losing weight: it is about self-love, determination, self-respect, motivation, self-awareness and making long-lasting changes.

Jayasinha is undoubtedly a master-comic-in-the-making. With expressive, poignant, comedic storytelling, he delivers gold with his authentic, fast-paced, side-splitting humour that leaves audiences out-of-breath laughing with aching cheekbones and stitches throughout.

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