photodust_logoPeril Magazine is delighted to partner with Photodust, a not-for-profit Asia-Pacific curation project based in Melbourne, to share monthly features of photographic and lens-based works. See their stories here.

PHOTODUST aims to engage and encourage collaboration between artists, for the production and publication of photographic and lens-based art and to establish a unique perspective toward visual culture. For this purpose, they are constantly searching for artworks that involve the use of photography and related processes.

The rules are simple: all photographic and lens-based works will be considered. Their only requirement is that the work should be produced by artists born or based in the Asia-Pacific region.

Curators of the project (in alphabetical order) include:

  • Andrew McLaughlin
  • Ariel Cameron
  • Bella Li
  • Christine McFetridge
  • Chris Parkinson
  • Dan Sibley
  • Lisa Bow
  • Mauricio Rivera
  • Sudeep Lingamneni

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For further information, contact: [email protected]