Thank you for your interest in Peril. We are currently open for contributions.

Edition 46: You, where you’re at

Not gonna lie, it’s been a hard 18 months or so.

It’s been hard on the world; it’s been hard on you, your loved ones, your friends; it’s been hard on us.

And we’re not there yet.

But wherever it is we’re headed, or wherever it is we’ve been, this is the place we’re at. And we’d like you to describe the view. What you see. What moves you. How the terrain has shifted. What is coming into view. The horizon you’re watching. The dirt at your feet. The yellowing grass. The sky.

Tell us about your place, your space, your time. How you’re keeping, what’s keeping you. Document. Remember. Inscribe. Archive.

If your work can be shared online and it would speak to our community, we will work to find a platform for it and to match you with a sympathetic editor.

Please send your submissions to [email protected].

Contributions for this edition will remain open on a rolling basis, with works reviewed monthly.

Please consider our general contribution guidelines:

  • We welcome submissions in creative and new media interpretations of “literature”, including those in video, audio and text format, graphic stories, sound or visual art, as long as it can be presented online and has a relationship to story. We accept prose, non-fiction, essays, creative non-fiction, opinion/blog posts, visual art, documentation of performance, videos, audio.
  • We suggest a word limit guide of <1000 words for text contributions and a suite of three poems for poetry contributions. We definitely publish longer form essays, but it might be best to check before you send us your thesis.
  • We consider previously unpublished, original work, however, simultaneous submissions are acceptable. We ask only that you notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Your work should have a relationship to “issues of Asian Australian interest”. You don’t have to identify as Asian Australian to contribute, but your contribution should critically engage with the issues of Asian Australia. Check out our back editions to see what we publish.
  • Most of our editions are themed and you are welcome to include a short (100 -200 word) artist statement, which may outline the work’s relationship to that theme.

We are able to pay Australian-based contributors and can make arrangements for international contributors depending on our grant conditions. Writers with confidentiality/anonymity requirements and international contributors are welcome to email us to discuss.

Our average payment rates are between $75-300 per work. Our pay rates are guided by Writers Victoria’s which have been guided by Arts Law CentreAustralian Society of AuthorsAustralian Writers GuildMedia Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

If you want to suggest an edition theme or article/work that doesn’t meet the exact theme open at the time, please email [email protected] because we think you’ve got great ideas.