Brisbane 2010 – 2013


Northeast breezes rustle paperbark leaves, pass through lattice screens and carved wooden
gables. Wrap around decks, sun-baked and peeling, cradle red gum VJs and bullnose rooves.
Jacaranda blossoms trampled underfoot spatter pavements and pathways with lilac blue
inkdrops. Heatshimmer rises from vertiginous streets which cut lung-burning trails to cathedrals
of shopping. Gladwrap dressings, flapping in the wind, bandage stinging thighs and red raw
tattoos. A grey haired woman stoops and murmurs Turrbal to a child with lollies on her mind.
Radio presenters discussing taxis colour the airwaves with mock Indian accents. Traditional
owners perform Welcome to Country for suited City men on a cropped Southbank lawn. Asian
pedestrians on busy city streets are greeted with a monotone “Currycurrycurrycurrycurrycurry.”
Licence plate stickers on a dirt-crusted ute proclaim “100% Aussie” and “Fuck Off, We’re Full.”