Dreamscapes – Brisbane



As a part of their participation in the Peril/Queensland Poetry Festival collaborative edition, poets were invited to submit up to two poems that reflected their experience and interaction with the question, “What is Queensland?”. For her response, Misbah Khokhar has shared this poetry collage, Dreamscapes, which she describes as:

stitched and glued with hair, old photos, watercolours, DNA and written on an old Helvetica typewriter that I found at the top of my current street.

To view detail of the map, click on the thumbnail images below.


Author: Misbah Wolf

Misbah is many incarnations all existing consecutively. Her previous work with Peril Magazine was a response to land, identity and imagination, commissioned by Peril Magazine and Queensland Poetry Festival. You can check it out here, peril.com.au/current-edition/dreamscapes/.Her work has been highly commended quite a few times now in the Shapcott Poetry Prize and published in numerous anthologies including Australian Poetry Journal, Contemporary Asian Australian Poets, Peril Magazine, Cordite, Mascara Literary Review and recently featured on ABC's Poetica. She is currently working on a novel, and building a gypsy caravan to travel, perform and create with others.

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