Queen’s Land


I’ll draw you a map       Vappodes phalaenopsis

cane toads gloat in the drainpipes       dead kanakas

the salt the salt the salt the salt the sand…

a beer, so as not to seem unfriendly       state of origin

missing plane       the Stinson is still out there

Lumholtz’s tree kangaroo       the mabi will not name itself

from the top floor can you see the gasfields?

yeah there’s a couple in the esky       verandah time

a child when I moved here       Cloudland demolition

place of stones       the best years of my life

move north, Brisbane…       continental drift

walking home to my hot house       Jubilee Terrace

boom of the cassowary       all the hairs on my neck

thunderstorm       everything in its right place

in the canoe she has tuberculosis       o susa bilong mi

maybe this time I’ll let go…       cyclonic

gently, the bonsai released from the pot

Chris Lynch

Author: Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch grew up in Papua New Guinea and is now based in Melbourne, on Wurundjeri country. His poetry has appeared in Cordite, Tincture Journal, Apex Magazine, Blackmail Press, Brisbane New Voices II, Islet, SpeedPoets, Stars Like Sand: Australian speculative poetry, and the 2015 Poetry & Place Anthology, among others. At work on his first collection of poetry, he blogs occasionally at www.chrislynch.com.au.