Carmen Glynn-Braun


Complexion Conspiracy

Carmen Glynn-Braun, ‘Complexion Conspiracy’ 2019 [details]. Pouring medium, adhesives, facial foundation. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.

The skins in Complexion Conspiracy aim to unpack both the heated and healing politics around skin complexion within Indigenous-Australian communities, post assimilation policy.

Complexion Conspiracy is the 4th instalment of the skin series Branded which is a multifaceted series of work delving into to the same theme from various generational scopes. Glynn-Braun uses paint pouring methods to create human flesh like pigmented paint skins to narrate these complicated themes around skin colour.

Carmen Glynn-Braun, ‘Complexion Conspiracy’ 2019. Pouring medium, adhesives, facial foundation. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.

I am an emerging Indigenous Australian artist stemming from the Southern Arrernte, Kaytetye, and Ammatyerre nations across Central Australia. I have just finished my honours year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts with UNSW Art and Design.”

“Within my practice I delve in many mediums, taking a trans-disciplinary approach to each work, matching the aesthetic (and material) accordingly to the narrative. I treat my work like visual essays; they are almost always based on true events, Indigenous life experience and both written and oral Aboriginal histories. My work this past year predominantly explores lived experiences of Aboriginal women past and present, translated through gentle and experimental approaches to materials and form. I believe survival and resilience of Aboriginal people makes for compelling and important subject matter and deserves a celebratory and respected platform within the arts (One that is well overdue).”

“My recent awards include the Jenny Birt Highly Commended award (2018), UNSW Art and Design Deans List (2018), Nura Gili Excellence Award (2018), TWT Excellence Award (COFA Annual exhibition overall winner) (2018) and Art Scene Printmaking Award (2018). I am the recipient of the Australian Museum Emerging Indigenous Artist Fellowship (2019).”

Tanushri Saha

Author: Tanushri Saha

Tanushri Saha is a writer and visual artist based in Sydney. Her practice explores science fiction, futurism, ecologies, and questions of decolonisation. Tanushri holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Cultural Studies, and is currently undertaking a Master of Design at the University of Sydney. Her work has appeared in Pencilled In, Hermes, Melbourne Art Week, Verge Gallery, and Women of Color in Solidarity (NY).

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