Ida Lawrence


Short paintings of small stories, little observations.

Ida Lawrence, (left to right) ‘Seek first to understand’ 2019 acrylic on unstretched canvas, 57x53cm. ‘Wesley’ 2018 acrylic on unstretched canvas, 33x42cm. ‘Exactly the same’ 2018 acrylic on unstretched canvas, 37x46cm. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.

“These works belong to an ongoing series of narrative paintings that are informed by research and personal experiences between Australia and Indonesia, mostly. I begin with the story, which is written and crossed out and rewritten in a notebook, or typed and edited in a document on my laptop within a folder called *Pictures and Words 2018.”

Ida Lawrence, ‘A Gift from Okui (Jangan Tertipu Dengan Keluaran Tiruan)’ [details] 2018. Acrylic on unstretched canvas, 53x42cm. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.

Ida Lawrence weaves stories through her art, education and curated projects. Her narrative paintings, combining text and image, are informed by personal experiences and research between Australia and Indonesia. In projects she calls Fabricated Histories, she brings fictions to life through mixed media, text, curation and collaboration. Ida graduated with a BFA in Painting at the Sydney art school situated in an old gaol, completed Honours in Sculpture at the one in a former mental asylum and, in between, studied traditional Indonesian dance in Yogyakarta. Exhibitions include ‘Fitri Graham’s Melancholia: A Retrospective’, Melbourne (2017), ‘bloody woop woop / (n)desa: stories from Barmedman, Kliwonan and between’, Jakarta (2012), ‘The 15th Asian Art Biennale’, Dhaka (2012) and ‘In Conversation: FX Harsono x Ida Lawrence’, Sydney (July-October 2019). Ida is a member of Woven Kolektif, a group of artists based in and between NSW, Victoria, QLD and Indonesia.

Installation view of series by Ida Lawrence. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.


Tanushri Saha

Author: Tanushri Saha

Tanushri Saha is a writer and visual artist based in Sydney. Her practice explores science fiction, futurism, ecologies, and questions of decolonisation. Tanushri holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Cultural Studies, and is currently undertaking a Master of Design at the University of Sydney. Her work has appeared in Pencilled In, Hermes, Melbourne Art Week, Verge Gallery, and Women of Color in Solidarity (NY).

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