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Updates from detention

November 5, 2021

In a world where all things are temporary, where winter and summer are temporary, where heat and cold, fire and rain are all temporary, how is it possible to live in permanent uncertainty, in permanent detention in this country which claims social justice always prevails? How dearly I wish that indefinite detention could also be temporary.  We are Human. 💔

November 24, 2021

Hello dear friends, Today I am very happy for my friend, Raj.  He finally got a Visa after a very long time in the cage. It’s very good news. I wish freedom for everyone who is in a detention centre.

December 31, 2021

Dear friends, Happy new year. I wish you a beautiful, happy, and healthy year.  And for me?  How many years do we have to be in the cage? I wish for freedom and happiness in this new year for everyone.

January 11, 2022

“I am a tree of love that has been left alone and has withered
My heart has turned to stone despairing the survival of my roots
It is hard to accept that all the life in me has been lost
I am a tree of patience that has fallen in love with the axe”.

January 19, 2022Heartbroken. I saw on the news, one of my relatives. Latifa, a 23-year-old Hazara girl whose dream was to be a surgeon. Two months ago, just after she had been employed in a hospital in Kabul, she lost her two legs in an explosion. She was under treatment for about 50 days. Last night we lost her in Kabul Emergency Hospital. I am so sorry. All I can do is pray for her and her family.

March 11, 2022So now 13 refugees have been released. Nine from Park Hotel detention in Melbourne, one from MITA detention centre Melbourne, and three from BITA detention centre in Brisbane.  I really wish and pray everyone else gets freedom soon. Thanks very much friends for supporting us.

April 10, 2022The world is beautiful, but for some reason there is torture. I wish to be a TV so someone will look at me and feel my suffering, so someone will feel our pain in the cage. 💔

May 20, 2022

Each person can choose to use the best of themselves and treat others kindly. I hope you will choose kindness when you are treating us. Please do not use force and the power you now have, to torture. Please choose kindness. 🙏

May 27, 2022

Oppression and inequality have reached their peak in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, in the current regime all the rights of the oppressed people of Afghanistan have been violated, including their flag being taken away from the people. The rights of mothers, daughters and sisters have been completely taken away

I hope that everyone who is aware of the current situation in Afghanistan can offer some sympathy and compassion by sharing this image so that the good people of the world can be aware of what is going on in the world.

Thank you for your cooperation and empathy! 🤲 🙏 🤝 ✌️

July 27, 2022

Is the world worth so much to you that you must break the hearts of helpless people for the sake of status and wealth and pleasure? We fled one monster only to be broken by another. 💔

This No Compass edition is supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria, as a part of the 2022 Ahead of the Curve Commissions.

Naser Moradi

Author: Naser Moradi

Naser Moradi is a Hazara artist whose work has been widely exhibited in throughout Australia. Naser began painting from immigration detention using dregs of coffee from his cup. Despite the never- ending battle to source materials and continue his work from within the immigration prison his paintings often combine hope, compassion and the human desire for freedom and safety. His work is notable in the ways it reaches beyond the fences and walls of the prison that seeks to curtail and confine him, intertwining personal experiences with current social and environmental issues. You can find him on Instagram @nasir.moradi.1

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