Welcome to Peril number 3 – themed “Rebel”. We have a smorgasbord of articles, pieces and poems for you, starting with an article by Scott Brook about Vietnamese-Australian eighties fashion with its rebellious overtones.

Yumi Umiumare” as ‘cross-cultural’ rebel in ‘DasSHOKU Hora!!’ describes a Japanese-Australian cross cultural artist and her influences. We have poetry by Christopher Kelen, S.K. Kelen and the rebel Chinese-Australian poet, Ouyang Yu. And finally, an excerpt from my play, “Silence”, where a Vietnamese teenager rebels against the silence imposed on her by her mother.

We are excited to say that Peril’s third edition will be launched at the Asian Australian 2 conference, at the Rydges Hotel in Carlton on June 28 by Audrey Yue. We hope you enjoy the issue and put your thinking caps on for the next issue which will be themed “The Meaning of Life”. The due date for submissions will be September 30.

Hoa Pham

Author: Hoa Pham

Hoa Pham is the founder of Peril. She is the author of seven books and a play. Her novella The Other Shore won the Vive La Novella Priize, and her book Wave is being adapted to film. For more information please visit ww.hoapham.net

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