My Queensland


As a part of our collaborative edition with the Queensland Poetry Festival, we are thrilled to share this series of photographs by Queensland-born artist, William Yang. Well-known for his photography and narrative monologues, here he shares a beautiful folio of images that express his relationship to his home state, figured beautifully through the lenses of family, place and identity.

This series of images is best enjoyed by clicking on the first thumbnail image below, which will launch a slideshow of individual images.

William Yang

Author: William Yang

William Yang was born in North Queensland, Australia. He moved to Sydney in 1969 and worked as a freelance photographer documenting Sydney’s social life which included the glamorous, celebrity set and the hedonistic, sub-cultural, gay community. In 1989 he integrated his skills as a writer and a visual artist. He began to perform monologues with slide projection in the theatre. These slide shows have become the main expression of his work. They tell personal stories and explore issues of identity. He has done eleven full-length works and most of them have toured the world. Sadness, his most successful piece, was made into an award winning film by Tony Ayres in 1999. William’s current work is photo based, doing performances in theatres and exhibitions in galleries. He is converting some of his live performance pieces into film at the University of NSW. “My Generation” and “Friends of Dorothy” have already screened and have been broadcast on ABC1. “Blood Links” is nearly completed. William also conducts workshops in story telling, so he is helping other people tell their story.