Gillian Kayrooz

Gillian Kayrooz, (left to right) ‘Guildford Is On The News Again’, ‘You Going Parra Late-Night?’, ‘Sunday’s Are Reserved For Marco Polo’ 2019. Organza Silk 23gsm, each measuring 59.4cm x 84.1. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.

A tribute to the area. 

“A celebration of suburban identities. These delicate organza prints are an expression of Western Sydney personas that transcend highly constructed forms of contemporary youth culture into a relatable yet heightened version of current slang and behaviour. Personifying three regular experiences of my neighbourhood, the work when read from left to right acts accordingly to specific days throughout the week.”

Gillian Kayrooz, ‘You Going Parra Late-Night?’ 2019 [details]. Organza Silk 23gsm, 59.4cm x 84.1cm. Photographed by Nolan Murphy, courtesy of Kudos Gallery.

Gillian Kayrooz is an emerging artist from Western Sydney. She recently completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours (First Class), at the Sydney College of the Arts and has developed her practice into a multitude of disciplines that has been exhibited across Australia and East-Asia.  

Her works have been collected by AIRspace Projects, Verge Gallery, the National Library of Australia and the Sydney College of the Arts Library. She has exhibited at 541 Artspace, Kudos Gallery, Peacock Gallery, PACT, Down|Under Space, AIRspace Projects, Sydney College of the Arts, Verge Gallery, Gaffa Gallery. Kayrooz’s video art was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney in 2016.   

Kayrooz has completed a residency at the Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts in China as well as at Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville where she hosted her first solo show Y3LLOW SUN BAY RUN. She most recently completed her second solo show, Hot Girl Grotty Kebab, at Gaffa Gallery which saw her work enter multiple private collections.  This year she will continue to develop her practice in Asia through multiple residencies and solo exhibitions starting at the Tenjinyama Artist Studio, Sapporo before continuing to ArtnShelter, Tokyo and the Sean Gallery, Hong Kong in November 2019. 

Tanushri Saha

Author: Tanushri Saha

Tanushri Saha is a writer and visual artist based in Sydney. Her practice explores science fiction, futurism, ecologies, and questions of decolonisation. Tanushri holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Cultural Studies, and is currently undertaking a Master of Design at the University of Sydney. Her work has appeared in Pencilled In, Hermes, Melbourne Art Week, Verge Gallery, and Women of Color in Solidarity (NY).

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