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Notice anything new on the Peril site? Go on, just pop back to the main page for a second… there, on the side bar – huzzah! We’ve got a calendar… #wehavethetechnology

As you may already know, Peril aims to empower the creativity, agency and representation of Asian-Australian people in arts, society and culture. But we know we’re not the only ones, which is why we’re also interested in showcasing events, opportunities and festivals that engage with race, ethnicity, culture, arts, politics, and the broader questions of cultural and linguistic diversity in Australia.

In the past few weeks, we’ve been looking into ways we can recognise those events and festivals that engage in the conversations we’re curious about, and we’re hoping that the calendar will be a great way to achieve this.

At this stage, we plan for it to be a permanent fixture on our site, and we’ll do our best to update it with new festivals, events and submission opportunities as they arise.

We’ll also use it to let you know when there are submissions open for Peril, and in our editions, from other journals or festivals that approach us to share their calls for contributions.

Sadly, we don’t yet have the Peril-power to attend every event or to keep our finger in every pie, so we might need your feedback and input to ensure that we catch all the available events – just contact us if you want us to list something for you! We encourage events from all around Australia.

You’ve also probably already noticed reviews and posts on festivals and events from our in-house team, but we would love to hear about your personal experiences as well – feel free to contact us if you have ideas for a show we should review, or if you’ve blogged a review elsewhere we can share it with the Peril readership too.

Either way – this project has been made possible by our Communications #boss, Magda H who’s been looking for new ways to connect our readers, communities and audiences with experiences that foster a similar spirit of engaged, provocative and culturally relevant discussion and debate. THANKS MAGDA!!!

View all the EVENTS here!

Or you can contribute some details here and we’ll do our best to upload it ASAP.

Calendar Listing

Do you have an event, job, submission date or other public listing that is of relevance to Asian Australian arts and culture? Feel free to send in a listing!
  • Tell us a bit more about why this event might appeal to Peril types? You never know, we might be able to send a reviewer or a live tweeter to attend...


Author: Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer and community radio broadcaster. Eleanor Jackson is a former Editor in Chief and Poetry Editor of Peril and currently Chair of the Board.

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