Devika Bilimoria: An Arctic Time Signature


An Arctic Time Signature – EXCERPT from PHOTODUST.

Silent 8:35’

We are all but scribbles from the hands of time. Void of human construct, this Arctic terrain exists as a disparate measure of time and space.

A lone figure against the foreign landscape of jagged Arctic rock, I find tactile interaction with the grey and seemingly hostile environment. Fleeting, my body traces over this slow ancient landscape, pushing from boulder to boulder drawing forth a playground.

This remote landscape in Northern Canada’s Arctic Circle is ignited with a spontaneous sequence of movements. I am barefoot and shifting, anchored by touch, bringing my mind closer to the earth – to time itself.

The repeated selves also speak to notions of cycles, obsessions and eventually alone-ness. Upon reflection, the landscape reminds us that we are alone, travelling on the backs of our created self-narratives to keep us occupied and worthy – a distraction from reaching deep solitude; to be alone, to find solace in the suspended unknown.



Author: Photodust

PHOTODUST is an independent art and photography organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a not-for-profit Asia-Pacific curation project. Our aim is to engage and encourage collaboration between artists, for the production and publication of photographic and lens-based art. PHOTODUST aims to establish a unique perspective toward visual culture. For this purpose, we are constantly searching for artworks that involve the use of photography and related processes. The rules are simple: all photographic and lens-based works will be considered. Our only requirement is that the work should be produced by artists born or based in the Asia-Pacific region. (copyright details available here:

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