They have always been glittering, since my dad was a mathematician

Using me to subtract wisdom teeth, he got a ducky

He taught me to say, “ga ga ga” while here people say, “quack quack quack”

Whatever, language doesn’t matter


They are like eggs, as the platform of happening

There might be some news, might or might not


I’ve decided to adopt them

Illuminate them with my heat

Fostering them

Combing out their hair

Silently flaunting them in front of some big water, like a lake or ocean

Baby them, as well as making them older

Tick tock, tick tock


I’ll keep them a secret, until they become an enigma

And taste like birthdays



Yixuan Pan is an artist who was born and raised in the land of fish and rice: Hunan, China. To deal with issues of translation and communication as well as reimagining the western hegemony through a global outlook, her anti-disciplinary practice merges multiple media and modes of presentation, such as installation, video, performance, lollipop, music therapy, choral conducting, and more. By dislocating language from its context and form, Pan questions the linguistic structures people learn and unlearn in relation to comfort, temperature, transparency, hierarchy and power dynamics.



Author: Photodust

PHOTODUST is an independent art and photography organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a not-for-profit Asia-Pacific curation project. Our aim is to engage and encourage collaboration between artists, for the production and publication of photographic and lens-based art. PHOTODUST aims to establish a unique perspective toward visual culture. For this purpose, we are constantly searching for artworks that involve the use of photography and related processes. The rules are simple: all photographic and lens-based works will be considered. Our only requirement is that the work should be produced by artists born or based in the Asia-Pacific region. www.photodust.org (copyright details available here: http://peril.com.au/about/photodust/)

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