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Flawless comedic timing, masterful storytelling – knocks out his audience with hilarious punchlines

With an abundance of critically acclaimed solo stand-up and television shows under his belt, Nazeem Hussain is and rapidly becoming (if not already) one of the favourites in the global comedy scene and a household name in the industry. After a successful 2018, including the release of his Netflix special, we are so pleased that Hussain returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his fifth solo show: Basic Idiot.

Maintaining an explosive amount of energy and passion on stage throughout his 60 minutes performance (so much so that he almost broke the wireless mic at one point…), Hussain tears the house down with his masterful storytelling through a cleverly-woven web of uproarious anecdotes that leaves his audience gasping for air with laughter.

From his new found responsibility as a father; the idea that no one is equipped to become parents; relationships and diversity; to terrorism; a mishap during his Netflix special; religion and his mum’s concern regarding his sexuality, Hussain leaves no stones unturned in his detailed and hilarious observations, reflections and point-of-views in every day life.

A rising comic genius, Hussain delivers his material with the utmost impeccable timing – like a boxer getting ready to take the knockout swing – he punches and KOs his audiences’ funny bones with his punchlines at the perfect moment – filling the room and leaving his audiences helpless with uncontrollable chortles, cackles and snort-laughs.

Nazeem Hussain, Basic Idiot, is appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 28 March to 21 April, 2019.

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