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Charismatically Quirky, Inappropriately Brilliant

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Phil Wang is a Comedy Gala favourite, and fast becoming one of Australia’s much-loved international performers. And now, the exceptionally witty, charismatically quirky and inappropriately brilliant UK/Malaysian comedian is back at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his aptly-titled new show: Philly Philly Wang Wang.

Opening his set with the declaration that he is “getting old with a bad back at the mere age of 29”, Wang detonates an explosive round of cleverly written anecdotes on his mixed heritage, sex life, romance and farts before setting off the rest of the 60 minutes set with pure side-splittingly witty and accurate observations and opinions of the society we live in today.  He explores morality, the definition of being a good person (or maybe just not a terrible person), the modern sense of self and the differing expectations the world has on women/girls and men/boys.

Wang has a flair for pushing boundaries and walks a line that not many dare to cross with facetious, hilarious remarks that leave audiences laughing uncontrollably and helplessly, while their consciences fight to decide if was appropriate to laugh at all.

Perfectly balancing the silliness and seriousness of the world, Wang delivers pure, refreshing comedy with flawless punchlines sprinkled with hints of deeper truths, all without sounding preachy or putting himself on a pedestal.

Contemporary, uproarious and on-point, Phil Wang’s Philly Philly Wang Wang is an hour of absolute comedy gold that leaves the audience gasping for air with laughter, belly aching with chortles and giggling like children in a playground after hearing a fart … all the while, pondering … just a little bit about our own moralities.

Sidenote: Phil Wang is also known to review noodle places across the globe (or wherever he just happens to be) – check out his Twitter account to see what noodle places in Melbourne he’s given a solid 5 noodle bowl out of 5!

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